Mark D. Miller

--- VP Technology ---

Through close relationship with top agencies, Mark Miller has managed and designed web based software applications and innovative development projects for a diverse group of industries in the US, Germany, Russia, China, Canada and Mexico. A snap shot of Mark’s success includes cutting edge transactional payment systems, payment Gateway APIs, automated marketing platforms, merchant processing gateway software, award winning content management systems and most notably search engine optimization tools used by a select list of large organizations. A Detroit Michigan native, Mark understands the necessity to measure twice and cut once. His passion is to arm dynamic young companies with the technology and systems to succeed against all odds.

Serving on the Board and as a consultant to numerous corporations, Mark Miller has played an influential role in developing the backend technology systems involved in running day-to-day business operations as well as the technology needed for scalability and expansion. In addition, Mark has pioneered one-of-a-kind digital processes new to the industries in which they operate, allowing the complete automation of certain sales and on-boarding processes leveraged by fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, PayPal, Magento,, CyberSource and more. Through viral and social mediums, Mark has helped drive clients into strong strategic partnerships and relationships, building platforms for exponential growth.

In addition to these relationships Mark, serves as original founder and Chairman of TicketSocket, a disruptive White Label Transactional Framework delivering control to organizations, venues and brands in the ticketing, registration and activities sectors.

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