Kamran Qamar

--- CTO --- @kamraan

Kamran Qamar is a technologist, entrepreneur, and investor. Early in his career, he developed a comprehensive software to manage road assets which became the standard for analyzing and approving mega-loans to foreign countries.

At Verizon, he led the modernization of mission-critical application serving 75+ million subscribers. In 2003, he founded and exited from a VoIP marketplace.  When Apple released its first iPhone, he founded Pyntail as a game studio. Since then, Pyntail has morphed into a cloud-based mobile backend as a service provider. In five short years, he has built Pyntail into a global business with over 60 engineering team.

He has made many seed investments in real-estate, media, fin-tech, social, and IoT start-ups.  He is a published author of two books and holds a MSc in Computer Engineering.

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